You would like to focus entirely on your core business and want uncomplicated, quick and cost-efficient IT solutions? We offer flexible and high-quality services to you in the fields of IT, IT security and communications systems.
We will support you in the procurement, management, operation, maintenance and upgrading of networks, server systems, PCs, and software applications.

In the lead-up, we offer a non-committal consultation for you with an analysis of the technical environment. In consideration of your specific requirements, we will then develop a concept together for the solution that is best for your business.

Depending on the objective of the business, customer-specific business models, outsourcing of individual partial tasks or optionally far-reaching cooperation agreements can be facilitated by concluding individual contracts. The detailed services will be agreed individually under so-called Service Level Agreements (SLA). The service times are defined in them, e.g. 24×7 (response time). Besides the purchase of the system, we also offer financing by renting and leasing to you.

Starting from the purchase of a server or PCs to the administration of your entire IT infrastructure – we have a turnkey solution for you from one source – provided by a friendly and highly motivated team that is at your side with advice.


System integration

Applications development